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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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civic center park in berkeley, laura? >> reporter: hi, larry this event still going strong here. this event two hours into it as we speak. as you can see behind me, there is a crowd gathered up on the platform there. the speech has been going on for the better part of and standing up they say the hate speech, now at a time there were maybe 2 or 300 people representing a variety of groups some self-described as alt-right. many of them told me, came here from southern california. they include oath keepers and bikers for trump. several explained they were here as a reaction to the cancellation of coulter's planned speech and there were a number of speakers including, again, many from southern california. the police presence was initially large and visible and many of those who came to the rally wore helmets, masks in some cases protective hatting.
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others who showed up said they didn't agree with the message, but supported the method. >> i don't agree with everything ann coulter said. i agree with some of what she says. i don't agree with everything trump does. but free speech is important because where do you hash out the good ideas from the bad ideas? >> i believe the people want to make fools of themselves in public. i'm all in favor of it. it saves the rest of us from having to expose them as fools. so, everybody wins. >> reporter: >> well, we seem to lost laura anthony's feed there. ann coulter was supposed to speak at berkeley today but did not. there were protests in several places today. some on, some off campus. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us from cal.
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wayne. >> reporter: good afternoon. all the concern about demonstrations here at u.c. berkeley and damage, all those concerns seem to have come to naught today. not that there weren't a lot of people on campus. many of them were police officers. some of them still campus police officers still standing by or sitting by, which might be a good sign in terms of what they expect might or might not come later this evening. they came, they walked, they he stood around and mostly they did nothing. >> this is definitely not an appropriate use of police. clearly nothing is happening. >> reporter: so call it a form of overt nonverbal communication on a campus and a community that has seen more than its share of idealistic clashes the past several months. this is how it looks when u.c. berkeley police play it on the safe side. all officers took a total of two people into custody. >> everyone around here should be sounding the alarm about this fascist regime in the white house. >> repoter: you might
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call tty: 1-800-544-3316 the a this -- frankly, if you look at 12 plaza today, it doesn't look that much different than it would any other day. as for the two arrests, well, they weren't for big issues. one was police took a man into custody because he had a knife on campus. the second arrest had to do with a student, an outsider, not sure which, who carried a sign larger than 30 inches wearing a mask. that is the late est from u.c. berkeley. we'll have more in an hour. live from the berkeley campus, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you. about a month ago ann coulter was invited to u.c. berkeley. last week the university announced it couldn't accommodate her because of safety concerns and would need to reschedule. this week a debate raged about where and when and even whether coulter's speech would go on.
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today was supposed to be the day of her speech. instead a series of demonstrations by groups on both sides were planned. >> we haven't heard from coulter herself yet, but on fox news, the conservative commentator said the speech showdown really is a symbol of a bigger problem within the republican party. she said one of the groups that invited her despite the fact they filed a lawsuit, in her view gave up too easily. >> now we have some saying, well, we're going to strike a blow for the next speaker at berkeley. no, i want to win now. can republicans ever win now? >> she's talking about yes, the young americas foundation. they said if coulter had shown up today without the university's permission, it would have damaged their lawsuit. you're looking at coulter's twitter account. you can see the last tweet was sent five hours ago, not about the speech. she was tweeting about the border wall. >> in other news today a small airplane flew a banner above the demonstrations. it may be hard to make out what it says on your screen. it reads, don't take the bait, fly above the hate.
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it's not clear which organization or individual paid for the airplane. do stay atop the developments in berkeley with the abc 7 news app. download it for free and ensure you enable push alerts to receive breaking news as they happen. >> here is breaking news out of walnut creek. police are being looing for a woman who shot and killed in a park this afternoon. at 1:30 this afternoon, police say the woman was found wounded on the street. paramedics tried saving her on the scene but were not successful. officers say the shooter has not been caught. police say there is no indication that the public is in any danger right now. the victim's identity has not yet been released. we have a reporter in walnut creek. we'll have more details coming up for you on abc 7 news at 5:00 and on the abc 7 news app. the judge in the criminal case of a fresno man charged with killing four people suspended an arraignment this morning so doctors could perform a psychological evaluation. 39-year-old kori muhammad appeared in court.
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he not started a schant let black people go. the judge suspended the proceedings. his attorney says he suffers from mental illness. >> a former preschool teacher was arrested for photographing young girls for sexual purposes. anthony rocco satriano is a duesed of asking young girls to wear specific clothing and taking photos of them in a sexually suggestive manner. he is not a caused of touching them. he remains in jail on $2 million bail. >> we'll turn to the weather and finally the sun is back. we have a live look from our mount tam camera and we are in for some nice weather. >> a little bit windy, though, too, spencer. >> true, it is an a little breezy out there. it will remain breezy tomorrow. skies will remain mostly sunny. that is a good thing to have. here is a look at live doppler 7. we still have sunny skies around the bay area right now. a few clouds around. check out this time lapse this afternoon from the rooftop camera here at abc 7 looking out over the bay. see a few high clouds traveling
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through the sky. traffic was moving kwiskly, too, wasn't it? here's a live view from the same angle. you can see we have even bluer skies than earlier. fewer clouds are around. 62 in the city. 67 in oakland, mountain view 67. this is a view of the mostly sunny skies over the golden gate. currently low 70s from santa rosa to napa novato, fairfield, concord being and livermore. as we look at this view from mount tam, let me give you a view of the evening forecast. it will be a milder evening, early tonight than it was early last night. we'll see those few high clouds hanging around till about 10:00 p.m. or so. it will remain breezy at coast. skies get even clearer after midnight. temperatures will drop lower than they did last night. so, how long will this string of sunny days last, and how warm will it get? i'll have those answers coming up a little bit later. larry? >> all right, spencer see you in a few minutes. the men hurt working on facebook's new menlo park building are recovering after a construction beam felon top of
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them last night. the men were working 40 feet up on facebook's new building 21 when this happened. they were putting together the steel framing when the beam dropped about 20 feet, sending the workers down toward the ground. fire fighters say their safety harness es and rigging stopped their fall and sustained puncture wounds, lower body injuries from the fall. cal osha is investigating. big lot stores will pay over 3 1/2 million dollars in fines over illegal disposal of hazardous waste. 35 state district attorneys including nancy o'malley from alameda county filed a lawsuit. they claim big lots disposed of hazardous waste in land fills instead of having it all taken legally taken to authorized waste facilities. >> san francisco wants to charge up people's motivation to buy electric vehicles. today mayor ed lee signed a new law that requires new buildings to set aside 10% of parking spalss as charging stations for electric vehicles. the remaining spaces need to be ready to upgrade in the future.
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the goal is to take away one of the biggest obstacles people face when they consider purchasing an electric vehicle. >> it's going to make it easier to own an ev. you'll be able to charge more easily and it will make it, you know, faster and easier to operate your vehicle. >> the law fits in with a statewide push toward electric vehicles. governor brown had set a goal of 1 1/2 million electric cars on the road within the next eight years. >> east bay mud came up with an innovative way to move a large enough to pipe in berkeley today. up up and away by helicopter, the agency replacing old water mains in the berkeley hills and rather than load all the pipe onto trucks and drive them into clairmont, east bay mud decided air delivery was actually safer and faster in all 4400 feet of pipe were taken on a ride and then lowered down safely. >> a second cable car operator is now accused of stealing fares. >> it is embarrassing. this is why i think we have to get out of that cash business.
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>> why it could end up changing how people use those iconic cable cars. >> plus big changes coming to united, how the fall out of from that passenger being dragged off a recent flight is leading to major changes that could affect you. >> 3, 2, 1. >> it looks like fun and games, but this is so much more. how it is helping kids learn about their future. >> checking traffic at 4:10, a live look at 680 in walnut creek. oncoming traffic is northbound. that's usually the heavier traffic flow at this hour in the afternoon commute. right side southbound moving freely. back with more
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a second muni cable car operator arrested for allegedly embezzling fare money. >> a coworker was detained after it was discovered he was doing the same thing. abc 7 news reporter is live from san francisco with details of the new case. lyanne. >> reporter: muni director john haley said that he was pleased to announce that there would be no more arrests. he told me this is it. he said these were two bad apples out of more than 200. he called the rest of the cable car operators and employees honest ambassadors of san francisco. a december 2016 audit done by the san francisco municipal transportation agency found irregularities in their accounting when it came to the muni cape cash system. >> we noticed that the numbers
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weren't what they should have been. >> reporter: director john haley immediately notified the muni task force within the san francisco police department. the investigation revealed the money muni employee david reyes was handing in was less than what was collected by some of the other cable car employees. last week 61-year-old albert williams was also arrested for supposedly doing the same. under cover police were keeping an eye on both of them. >> they were keeping the money for themselves and, again, as our chief said, it is a violation of public trust. >> reporter: the district attorney's office revealed muni is looking back at its numbers for the past four to five years. the agency believes tens of thousands of dollars could be missing. >> when you go back several years, if the accounts don't match the dollars that should be coming in, that can create some discrepancies. >> reporter: like a lot of money. >> yes. >> reporter: in williams' case, a search of his home found $32,000 in a safe along with several cars and receipts for high-end purchases. >> it is embarrassing.
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this is why we have to get out of that cash business. >> reporter: haley says the cable car system is a $30 million a year cash business. >> you're looking at profound change, you know, some will come very quickly. others will come over a period of a few months perhaps. but i do think you'll see change in that regard. >> reporter: reyes was in court today. he faces charges of embezzlement and theft of public monies. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> several former san francisco 49ers reunited today for an important back to school message. one that wasn't directed toward kids. abc 7 news was in the bay view district as tina turner and guy mcintyre joined teens on a walk along third street. the group put up posters and handed out fliers to stores along the corridors. they want business owners to keep an eye out for kids skipping school. >> the kids that are truant are not going to school are out in the community all day long, okay. they're going in and out of stores. they're shopping, they're
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purchasing things and the merchants have contact with them. >> the academic reentry program is run by former 49er ethan ram son. in nine years, it's helped nearly 700 kids transition back to school. more than 400 of them have graduated high school. >> united airlines has reached a settlement with the passenger who was forcefully dragged off a flight in chicago. >> the announcement comes on the same day united announced changes to improve customers' experience. abc 7 news kristen sze is here with the details. >> who can forget this viral video that caused outrage around the world. passenger david dao physically dragged off a united express flight to make room for united employees who needed to fly. that happened three weeks ago. his attorney sent out a press release they have reached an amicable settlement with united airlines. the terms will remain confidential, but dao's team
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praised ceo oscar munoz for the acceptance of corporate accountability, united is to be applauded. a marin county attorney says the super speedy settlement is a wise move. >> a lawsuit that may have been worth only a few hundred thousand dollars was very likely settled for 5 or $10 million. that's my speculation. >> this is a turning point for all of us at united. it is my mission to make sure we learn from this experience. >> munoz released that video today, volunteers compensation has been increased to $10,000. they won't be forced to leave unless safety or security is at risk. a new customer solutions team will be set up to help agents with solutions and overbooking will be reduced. for more information on the united changes and the dao settlement you can go to our website, and we can also show you the list of things that they put up, including that new procedures and all the rules
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that they have in place now. larry and alma? >> all right, thank you, kristen. well, today is the day the nfl draft gets underway in less than 45 minutes. taking place in philadelphia at the museum of art. the cleveland browns have the number one pick. the niners are set to pick second. they'll have ten picks overall. it's the first 49ers draft for new jogeneral manager set to pi. the raiders have the 24th pick in the first round and eight total picks in the entire draft. ceo of under armour says sales of the curry 3 shoe have been disappointing. today the company reported its first-ever quarterly loss. upped armor has cut the price of steph curry's latest signature basketball shoe by 40 bucks. it's down to 99.99. some experts say part of the problem is curry wears high-top sneakers to protect his ankles. a lot of consumers apparently prefer low-top shoes. >> all right. it is time to check on our
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weather which was warm and windy today. >> getting warmer, i believe, spencer christian. >> getting a lot warmer. if you've been dreaming of a warm up this weekend will make your dreams come true. we'll use san jose as our high temperature. average is 73 degrees. tomorrow's high will be 74. over the weekend highs bounce up to the low 80s in san jose. check out the middle of next week, high of 89 on tuesday, high of 91 on wednesday. that is pretty much the trend all over the bay area will see a big warm up going into the middle of neck week. a sharp cool down toward the end of the week. looking at live doppler 7 now, we see sunny skies across the bay area. it remains breezy right now. check out the view from our south beach camera here in downtown san francisco. lots of blue skies showing up here. and these are our forecast features. we'll see sunny and warmer days ahead all the way through next week. it will be breezy again tomorrow in the coast and bay area hills. inland highs will bounce up to 90 degrees next week. overnight, under clear skies we'll have breezy conditions at the coast. low temperatures inland will drop a little bit lower than
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they did last night mainly mid 40s inland will see lows right around 50 degrees near the bay overnight. and our friday planner shows tomorrow will begin as clear and cool morning, but we'll see sunny and warmer conditions into the afternoon hours with highs in the upper 70s inland, mid 70s around the bay, low to mid 60s on the coast. as we approach sunset tomorrow evening we'll see still mild condition tz but of course temperatures will start to taper off just a bit. more specifically, highs tomorrow will range from 63 at half moon bay to 69 here at san francisco. we'll see mainly low to mid 70s right around the bay, 72 in oakland, 73 at fremont and as you travel farther inland antioch 74, fairfield 75, up north 77, santa rosa and napa. and back to those winds they will be gusty overnight through tomorrow. here's our wind gust animation. at 7:00 this evening we'll see winds on the coast gusting from about 25 to 35 miles per hour and gusts will remain rather brisk going into the day tomorrow. by late tomorrow night, though,
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we'll see winds right around the bay tapering off to moderate winds, 14, 15 miles per hour. but inland napa, fairfield, discovery bay will see winds still gusting tomorrow night up to about 25 up to 30 miles per hour. with windy conditions, allergy sufferers may be wondering about pollen. tree pollen and grass pollen will be at mod raerate levels t next daily or so. mold spores will be low. if you're going to have extended exposure to the sun you may want to apply sun screen because uv index will be high. now let's look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. seven days of sunny skies coming our way. look at the warm up. it's just a steady warm up through the weekend, low 80s inland, mid 70s around the bay. into early next week upper 80 inland, low 80s on the bay. 90 degrees inland before temperatures tumble next thursday. >> heating up. thank you, spencer.
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>> kids and homework, the mom's facebook post banning homework that went viral. just how much is too much? plus. >> a big surprise for pirates of the caribbean fans disney land.
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now to a big debate going on around the country. homework or no homework? it's a question many are asking. >> i know how my kwiids would he voted. to explain here's jessica castro from "abc 7 mornings." >> why are we talking about all this today? one mom's no homework post online is going viral after her daughter is, quote, done with homework and she is getting stressed out at the age of 10. there are many schools that have done away with homework citing overwhelming stress among students. educational experts are reacting
4:25 pm
favorable to the post getting traction. the debate surrounding homework is one that needs to happen in our nation's schools because there are merits to both sides. >> one side we have parents who hate homework, busy work, it's a waste of time, irrelevant. it's one more reason why kids hate school. on the other side are parents who have equally good reasons for liking homework which is they think it's important, shows organizational skills. >> parents who like homework also feel it is good for kids to do things they don't necessarily love. experts say the problem with the nation's divide on the issue of homework comes down to socioeconomics. less affluent parents and students feel at a disadvantage when it comes to things like projects and tutors because of a lack of resources. as for the amount of work students should be doing each day, experts suggest ten minutes for first graders and then increasing homework time by ten minutes for each grade. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> high school students in oakland can get a free prom dress this weekend. it's thanks to leslie west, wife
4:26 pm
of warriors forward david west. she's been giving away prom dresses for 13 years in whatever city west is playing in. this year's dress by west is set for saturday at oakland high school. any current high school student in oakland is eligible to get a dress. you just have to register on the website. we have linked it to ours >> that is awesome. >> yeah. >> warning about north korea, the senior military officer who says it's the worst he's ever seen. plus. >> his clearance was last reissued by the obama administration. >> the blame game over president trump's former national security advisor. and. >> please put the knife down. put the knife down. >> get your gun. >> get the knife down. >> new audio recordings from a police shooting in sunnyvale and why the
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. opposing views in berkeley are peaceful. far-right supporters announce what they say is an attempt to silence their views. ann coulter says she was forced to cancel a speaking event at u.c. berkeley. the crowd gathered on the campus. the protest is happening at the plaza. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is also keeping an eye
4:30 pm
on the protest. he is tweeting photos from the rally including this incident in which both shouted each other down during a heated moment. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is at civic tcenter par where they are converging for another rally. laura tweets things are remaining peaceful so far. some people brought out empathy tent. new details on a deadly police shooting in sunnyvale, we are also hearing newly released audio from the event. some may find it graphic. abc 7 reporter chris nguyen has that report. >> reporter: an investigation involving three officers who acted lawfully when they shot and killed a 42-year-old man after she say he charged at them with a knife. today our first listen at some of the audio of that exchange. >> stop walking towards me. yu or i'll be forced to shoot you. i don't want to do it. >> put the knife down now.
4:31 pm
put the knife down. >> stop walking towards me. put it down right now. >> reporter: in this audio clip from november 12, 2015, you could hear the public safety officers making dozens of attempts to dee escalate the situation. this after responding to a call that he had sexually assaulted a relative inside the apartment unit. >> come on, put the knife down. >> it's not worth it. it's not worth it. >> put the knife down. [ gunshots ] >> in a 44 page report released to the by the d.a.'s office, deputy district attorney lyndsay walsh concluded the officers were left with no other reasonable option under the totality of the circumstances but to fire their weapon at mr. ne rio until he no longer posed a threat to them. justice studies lecturer greg woods says these types of investigations, however long they may take, can help restore trust between police and the public. >> it's essential for the general population to understand the ways through which a law
4:32 pm
enforcement officer would conclude that the application of deadly force is reasonable. >> reporter: at the time of the shooting, his blood alcohol concentration was five times the legal limit to drive. in sunnyvale, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> california police departments may be required to track the status of rape kits in an effort to reduce a backlog of untested evidence. today the assembly unanimously passed a bill requiring algt siz to report information on untested rape kits. the bill which was authored by san francisco assemblyman david chew now goes to the state senate. opponents say the reporting requirements would be too burdensome for police agencies. this is an issue the abc 7 news eye team has been following closely. the item uncovered thousands of kits across the bay area. >> president trump and congress trying to avoid a government shut down as both sides fight over funding and health care. this as there is a new investigation into trump's former national security advisor. abc news reporter kenneth mole
4:33 pm
ton with the latest. >> reporter: today president trump hosted argentina's president. >> my good friend for many, many years. >> reporter: and directed his administration to investigate if the building of military planes and vehicles is being impacted by rising aluminum imports. >> aluminum is critical to our manufacturing and defense industry base. >> reporter: trump focused on the military while the pentagon is now turning its attention to the president's first national security advisor. the defense department inspector general opened a new investigation into retired lieutenant general michael flynn whom democrats say was warned in 2014 to get approval before taking foreign money. >> the pentagon's warning to general flynn was bold, italicized and could not have been clearer. >> reporter: flynn's attorney responded saying he briefed the pentagon before and after his 2015 speaking event in russia. the trump white house dealing with the flynn fall out by pointing the finger. >> his clearance was last reissued by the obama administration in 2016 with full knowledge of his activities that
4:34 pm
occurred in 2015. >> reporter: the president also waiting to sign a one-week extension friday to keep the government open. >> the reason this government funding bill is not ready is because democrats have been dragging their feet. >> reporter: both sides already preparing for the next fight. the new gop health care bill and the president's tax reform plan. >> his tax is a wish list for billionaires, trickle down all over again. >> reporter: lawmakers still working on a longer term spending bill that would extend funding to the end of september, that bill and the vote expected next week. kenneth moton, abc news washington. >> the senior u.s. navy officer overseeing military operations in the pacific says the north korea crisis is the worst point he's ever seen. admiral said it's real. he has no doubt korea intends to develop a nuclear tip missile capable of striking the u.s. a north korean government official said the nuclear test would never stop as long as the u.s. continued what they viewed
4:35 pm
as acts of aggression. >> the man accused of killing a delaware state trooper was killed by police after nearly 20-hour standoff. the 26-year-old suspect was hold up in his home overnight. police say he walked out this morning and engaged officers prompting them to open fire. the suspect is accused of killing corporal steven ballard outside a convenience store. he was in the passenger seat of a suspicious vehicle. when ballard asked him to get out, the suspect shot him and fired several more rounds as he was on the ground. >> the actions of steven yesterday exemplified the dedication [ inaudible ]. that he brought to the citizens of delaware. >> corporal ballard was an eight-year veteran of the force. he leaves behind a wife and daughter. facebook is taking new steps to combat what it calls
4:36 pm
information operations that go well beyond fake news. facebook says there are efforts by nation s and other organizations despite misleading information and falsehoods for geopolitical goals that include sending fund requests under the appropriated names of real people. the company plans to fight the information operations by suspending or deleting false accounts. >> we are now getting the closest ever look at saturn and its famous rings. images taken by nasa's cas strks ini space cram. it is believed the rings are about 1500 miles. the ka sin i spacecraft launched into orbit two decades ago. it will make a dozen more dives between saturn and its rings before entering the planet's atmosphere in september. >> a blow for the equal pay for equal work movement, what's behind a court's ruling today. >> plus president trump promised a return to work for coal miners. analysts say there is no future there, what some workers are
4:37 pm
turning to now. >> i'm spencer christian. skies continue to be blue and winds continue to be brisk and temperatures will soon be rising. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> and checking our traffic at 4:37 on this thursday, smoothly in both directions on the san mateo bridge. heavier on the left side,
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♪ if you grow up here, you really can be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. this is fun. some people on the pirates of the caribbean ride at disney land yesterday were in for a big surprise. >> oh, my god.
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>> oh, my god! captain zach! >> yes, that is captain jack. it's johnny depp himself in the captain jack costume. he passed by fans on the ride. depp returns to the screen next month in the fifth pirates of the caribbean film. disney the parent company of abc 7. >> that's pretty cool. if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend we have you covered. >> natasha from "abc 7 mornings" has some ideas from our partners at hood line. >> there is a lot going on, from a ramen brunch. i'm learning 101, and this is how to get out of a bear hug. i'm ready. you got that? drop elbows, kick and get out of there. there is a seminar happening in s.f. this saturday, that's all about female empowerment. for example, this tug of war is
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what not to do if your wrist is grabbed. you'll learn how to move quickly and decisively. it has its roots in israeli self-defense. i gave it my best try. the owner says this is a whole body workout. >> that's the empowerment part. knowing that if something happens, they can get out of it and get away and be safe. we have one rule. survive. >> know that i can protect my kids. it's the best feeling in the world. >> reporter: look at gina go. try this for yourself at 1:30 p.m. for charity, a $20 donation goes to la casa, a women's shelter. all right. let's relax. how about a pop-up ramen brunch? the founder studied the art of ram en for 7 years in tokyo before bringing it back to his hometown in san francisco. enjoy the brunch saturday at 1:30 p.m. you can drop by the start up contemporary art fair
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this weekend at hotel >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> starting with live doppler 7, sunny skies across the bay area. that will be our pattern the next several days. overnight clear and a little cooler in the inland valleys. we'll see low 50s right around the bay. it will be breezy near the coast. the coastal breezes will continue tomorrow under sunny skies. highs will range from low to mid 60s at the coast to low and mid 70s around the bay. mid to upper 70s inland. and you know san francisco is a cool place to be. i mean literally, can be a cool place to be. over the next seven days san francisco is going to see a nice warm up as will most of the bay area. high temperature this time of the year average about 64 degrees. but by early to mid next week, we'll see mid to upper 70s here in san francisco. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the warm up will affect all
4:43 pm
parts of the bay area. sunny skies, over the weekend nice and mild inland 80s. mid week next week look for inland highs to be 90 degrees l, low 80s around the bay, up to 70 on the coast. which is almost like summer. next thursday temperatures start to drop off a little bit. >> thank you, spencer. >> all right. moving beyond coal, new jobs for workers looking to the future in green energy. >> 7 on your side michael's finish i. it's not just united making changes. the
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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president trump has promised to restore jobs for coal miners. but with many of the positions replaced by technology, some analysts say those jobs just not coming back. some west virginia coal miners are taking advantage of an opportunity to train in green energy jobs. abc reporter maggie has the story. >> reporter: instead of heading down into the earth for energy, some west virginians are now looking up to the sun. >> the economy in west virginia really depended on the coal mining jobs for a long period of time. with the solar energy we're hoping that can fill the void a little bit. >> reporter: these students are part of
4:47 pm
a new job training program, it takes eight days to learn to install these solar panels. people in the communities who have never before installed a solar panel are part of the scheme demand work force. for james liken, this opportunity is generation altering. >> both of my parents were security guards for the same mine my father worked at. >> reporter: so coal is in your blood. on the campaign trail, president trump pledged to bring coal jobs back. >> we're going to put the mining zwrobz back to work. >> reporter: a steep decline in coal jobs has been searching for alternative. >> this industry is being automated very rapidly. there has been a near quadrupling in the amount of coal that can be mined by one person. >> reporter: ward says solar shouldn't be seen as the only
4:48 pm
solution. >> but it is part of the broader solution where just a more diversified economy. >> reporter: for liken, it's not about the money, it's about a new chance. he showed me his hard hat pointing to stickers that represent job sites he's already worked on. how does it make you feel about the future? >> optimistic definitely. >> reporter: the crew says they booked on projects every week, and they could double if not triple their numbers and still barely be able to keep up with the demand. maggie ruely, abc news green briar county, west virginia. >> employers can legally pay women less than men. they focus on differences in the employee's previous salaries. the ruling came in a lawsuit by a california school employee. it overturned the lower court ruling saying pay differences base exclusively on prior salaries were discriminatory. >> the abc 7 eye team is looking into rats going crazy in cars,
4:49 pm
causing thousands of dollars in damage. you may have heard about rats building nests or maybe chewing on wiring, but some mechanics and actually class action lawsuits allege organic car parts that are now in use more' >> you have $3,000 worth of rodent damage. they've been eating the wires of your car. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when you hear that? >> i was flabbergasted. like what? >> two major car makers are facing class action lawsuits. they say rats and other rodents have long been a problem in cars and there is no connection between organic car parts and increase in rat damage. tonight at 11:00, the item will tell you what may be under your hood. >> well, the outrage over united airlines dragging a passenger off an overbooked flight has airlines rethinking their policies. >> now southwest airlines is pledging to end overbooking
4:50 pm
altogether. 7 on your side's michael finney has that and more news. >> consumers advocates have been asking for this forever. just last week they mentioned it and you didn't hear. it was like silent all of a sudden, wow. popping, this is amazing. overbooking is a long-standing practice. now, southwest is saying maybe it's not such a good one. ceo gary kelly said the airline will no longer overbook flights because if you buy a ticket, you should expect to fly. i agree with that. kelly said the airline has been planning to change for years. he didn't mention the fiasco when a united passenger was dragged off a plane for refusing to give up his seat. united is also changing its policy. it will no longer use police to remove passengers and it will offer a lot of money, up to $10,000 for those who voluntarily give up their seats. a back pack company is recalling thousands of child carriers saying babies can fall through the leg openings. the recall affects 82,000 poko
4:51 pm
carriers made by osprey pack. babies might slip through the carrier's leg holes. it has reports of four children doing just that. one suffered a cracked skull. the others had only scratches luckily. osprey said owners will fix the problem. i posted the information you need on my facebook page. it seems like everybdy is looking at their device. a new report says more of us are reading real books. the old-fashioned kind. the american publishers association says sales of e-books fell nearly 20% last year and at the same time sales of paper backs went up by more than 7%. hard cover sales rose about 4%. the publishers say many prefer the printed word on paper. they say real books make nicer gifts. and children's books are a whole lot better with real pages to turn. now, i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00. the number
4:52 pm
i like e-books. my kids like paper. >> excellent. thank you, michael. >> sure. >> starbucks is planning to open its largest ever location in a couple years. this is what the starbucks reserve roastery is expected to look like when it opens in chicago in twie2019. it will be four stories. new menu, special drinks, visitors will learn about the different ways the company roasts its rare batch. they opened the first seattle location nearly 30 years ago. >> by now you have seen about those mud soaked designer jeans that have gone viral thanks to nordstrom. they're a real thing and they're selling for an absurd, some would say, $425. now, nordstrom just got a fellow by reebok, athletic retailer mocked nordstrom with a $425
4:53 pm
sweat-soaked reebok shirt. did we ever find out what happens when you wash the mud-soaked jeans? does it stay on? technology. >> all right. a technology giant is opening its doors to the future today from cars to rockets. the students being inspired and how it could set them on a path to success. >> now dan is here with a look at what is ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> guys, thanks very much. a san diego man gets a reprieve after being detained by i.c.e. we'll have that story. plus shaky foundation, the school that poses a serious safety hazard to its students. we'll explain what is going on. plus how our congested free ways may do more than create headaches. and nasa's new rocket, it's fueled by the same ingredient in crayons. those storrsies and more at 5:0.
4:54 pm
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7:00. gray's anatomy followed by scandal, the catch and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> a thousand young people got to do some hands on experiments. abc 7 news reporter david louie got to see some of those great young minds at work. >> we're ready in five, four, three, two, one. blast off. >> reporter: launching a rocket into space is exciting. even more so for these young people who are spending their day with their parents on the job at lockheed martin. 10 1/2 year old marlene a miller was analytical choosing which rocket to launch. the fourth grader navigate today this blue one. >> it was narrow, sharp point and smooth ridges on the end here. >> reporter: she rejected this one. >> it has like a really heavy thing on the end so it might not go as far because i thought this would actually go really far
4:58 pm
when i thought go. it only went like 10 feet. >> reporter: employees brought 1,000 kids to work hoping to inspire them to focus on science, tech, engineering and math careers. the science rockets they launched water filled bottle rockets. they explored mars using augmented reality goggles and tested their drone navigational skills. but rockets seemed to captivate them most. >> a lot of kids come back and remember which rocket they used last year and they want to come back and fly that exact same rocket again. >> reporter: lockheed martin had 45 activities set up staffed by 220 volunteers. >> to showcase this to young kids and mathematicians and scientists one day is amazing. i couldn't be happier to support this event and host it. >> reporter: he says he went to an event when he was 12. he is hoping to excite these young people in the same way. in sunnyvale, david louie, abc 7 news. >> good time. he >> good fun, yeah. thank you for joining us for abc
4:59 pm
7 news at 4:00. i'm alma daetz. archipelago i'm larry beil. 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> crime scene tape is strung across a neighborhood after a woman is shot and killed. we are there live. >> anyone around here should be sounding the alarm. >> both police and protesters expected the worst. >> don't want a scratch to be the reason for gauze. >> and the signs were about as loud as it got. >> also ahead, the problems with cash and carry, a second cable car conductor is arrested. >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in walnut creek. police are on the scene after gun fire breaks out and a woman is killed. now, this is walnut creek's first homicide this year. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks a lot for joining us. we'll show you where this is all happening. it was outside the larky park in a quiet part of the city. >> abc 7 news reporter kate
5:00 pm
larson is a few blocks away. kate, you're on a scene in a search related to this case. >> reporter: that's right. it's possible there was a suspect vehicle in the area. right now walnut creek had a heavy presence right here on lyndsay lane. we are a few blocks south on gwen a vista avenue. a woman this afternoon was shot and killed there in the street just a few moments ago. we saw armed police officers walking down the block. we know this is a cul-de-sac. we know they have it taped off and are investigating. around 1:30 this afternoon, multiple people called walnut creek police saying someone had been shot. when police arrived, they did find a woman with multiple gunshot wounds in the street. and they do know that the suspect fled in a car, some sort of vehicle, southbound on buena vista. and i did speak to the lieutenant investigating here in walnut cree


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